COVID-19 safety

Prepare for your appointment

Your health and safety is the highest priority for me. The following measures are in place to keep you safe.

Vaccination requirements: In-person appointments are available only for fully vaccinated clients. If you are not fully vaccinated, please select a telehealth appointment. Public health orders mandate vaccinations for health care workers, including psychologists.

Face masks: Depending on government health directives you may be required to wear a face mask for in-person appointments. Currently Face masks must be worn unless a lawful exception applies.

Hygiene: Touch points at the practice will be sanitised in between every client appointment.

Air handling and ventilation: Air filtration is in constant use and as much external ventilation will be provided as is practicable.

Record keeping: You must check in using the Victorian Government QR Code Service and provide proof of your vaccination status.

Symptom check: If you, or anyone close to you, is experiencing symptoms that may be COVID-19-related, please do not attend an in-person appointment. Rather, please attend your appointment via telehealth. If you are unsure, please complete this symptom checklist.

Telehealth appointments: telehealth appointments are available if you are unvaccinated, if you do not wish to comply with the above record keeping requirements, or if you prefer telehealth.